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Changing eating habits to accommodate a healthy lifestyle is never easy. Often times the hardest part is having the support necessary to take that first step towards a healthier you.  Each individual is unique and requires a diet that best fits their needs, body and lifestyle.  We will work together to develop reasonable and attainable short-term objectives to help reach your long-term goals.  Let me help you attain the knowledge and support needed to change your health and obtain a better quality of life.


All new clients will start with 60-90 minutes of initial consultation.  Here we will discuss your needs, goals, medical history, and will come up with an approach to best suit you.  Followup sessions will last 30 minutes.


Big changes require strong commitments, therefore it is recommended that services for weight loss, system reboot, food allergies, GI distress, diabetes management, lowering cholesterol, and sports nutrition are initially purchased in 4 or 8 session packages.  To better suit your busy schedule, all above services are offered through Skype.  All other services, along with followup sessions, can be purchased à la carte.


Personalized cooking sessions, kitchen clean out, farmers market or grocery store tours are provided à la carte.


All cooking sessions will take place at your home and will be detailed to your interests and goals.


If you are interested in meeting for a consultation or have any other questions regarding services, please feel free to contact me.  It would be a pleasure to help you accomplish your healthy goals!


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